Chinese Marketing Translation

We offer marketing translations for the Chinese languages. Although Mandarin may be the most widely used language, with about 850 million speakers, we also provide Cantonese, and other variant translations.

With so much diversity, we only use local Chinese language experts, as they can guarantee that our Chinese marketing translations will be both accurate and engaging.

We regularly translate a wide variety of marketing materials into Chinese, including:

  •              Brochures, Leaflets and Handbooks
  •              Email Marketing
  •              Press releases
  •              Websites, Landing pages, Keywords, Banners and Flash animations

The most important thing to remember when translating marketing copy is the core audience. It is also vital to note that a promotional campaign that may have worked in one country will not necessarily be successful in another one.

This means that our translators will consider all social, cultural, and economic factors that may affect marketing copy as it becomes appropriately localized into Chinese. This ensures that our professional Chinese translators are able to translate the core promotional message in an interesting and appropriate manner.

We provide regular Chinese translations for a variety of websites, emails, brochures, and leaflets. Call us today for a free consultation.


Meet some of our Chinese Marketing Translators

Chinese Marketing Translator


I am an English-Chinese (Simplified) linguist based in the US. My Key Qualifications include an MBA from Iowa State University, a BA and an MA in translation and English language from Beijing Foreign Studies University, the most prestigious foreign language university in China. I also spent 3 years working full time as an editor for a famous publishing house in China, and am an external quality manager for several large Translation agencies, and I am the primary editor of an En-Ch online dictionary for

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